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Renaissance Kids Inc. BBB Business Review

Summer Camp 2019

     Since 2005, Renaissance Kids, Inc. has been providing unique and fun learning opportunities for children and parents. What differentiates us from other summer camps is our small group sizes, careful planning, and dedication to the progress of each individual student. New this year is "Violin Ensemble" for violinists with some experience, and an analytical writing session, "Listening and Being Heard:  Voicing Your Opinion with Dignity and Grace."

     Nearly all of our programs have been created right here at Renaissance Kids, Inc.  We teach real skills and techniques in fun and imaginative ways, and strongly believe that music and the arts provide positive outlets for individual expression.  Our camps provide opportunities for students to work effectively with others toward a common goal, inspire students to seek creative solutions to problems, and help students discover their full potential.

     The process of learning music, art, and language arts makes it easier for students to grasp and master many concepts.  For example, learning music and art incorporates abstract math concepts in a hands-on way, making these concepts easier for students to understand. Similarly, language, reading, memorization, and public speaking skills are improved through the process of learning to sing and act in both the Kids Musical Theater and Puppet Theater camp sessions. Creative writing and language skills are practiced and improved through writing stories and scripts in our Claymation Movie-Making and Music Video camps.  Critical thinking, document-based analytical writing, and persuasive writing skills are developed in our camp session entitled "Listening and Being Heard: Voicing Your Opinion with Dignity and Grace."

     The schedule of activities for ages 5 through 16 can be found below.  Our normal camp day is from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday, with a different theme each week. For parents that work and need an early drop-off or late pick-up, please pre-arrange that with us ($10.00 per hour).  There is an early-bird discount for registering by April 27, 2019, and an additional discount for currently-registered Renaissance Kids students (please refer to the registration form for details).  All campers should bring a lunch, snack, and extra water.  Feel free to call us with any questions. 

Weekly Program Schedule

Session 1: July 8 to 12 – Claymation Movie-Making for Ages 5-16

Learn to make an original stop-motion movie.  Students participate in all of the phases of the production, from the initial idea, to story-board, set design and creation, character design and creation, planning the shots, lighting, camera work, sound, dialog, effects, and editing.  Children will be divided into age-appropriate groups.  Participants will receive a link to their movie so that they may watch it at home with friends and family.


Session 2: July 15 to 19 – Kids Musical Theater for Ages 5-16

Children will have fun working on sets and costumes, learning and acting out their parts, singing, and participating in games and other music activities designed to make them more comfortable and confident on stage. Appropriate for all skill levels; we will be separating into age-appropriate groups.  There will be a performance at the end of the week.

Session 3A: July 22 to 26 – Puppet Theater for Ages 5-9

Participants learn to create and “puppeteer” a variety of different types of puppets.  We will also build a set and props for the puppet stage, learn songs for our musical puppet theater show, and put on a performance at the end of the week.

Session 3B: July 22 to 26 – Music Video Production for Ages 10-16

Make a music video! Students participate in all of the phases of the production, from the initial idea to creating the story-board, designing the set and characters, planning the shots, acting, lighting, camera work, sound, dialogue, effects, and editing. All skill levels welcome.  It is NOT required that students play an instrument or sing.  All participants receive a link to the final movie.


Session 4A:  July 29 to Aug 2 – Explorations in Arts and Crafts for Ages 5-12

With lots of materials to work with and techniques to learn, this week includes drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, collage, sewing, crafts, and more. Children may be divided into smaller groups depending upon their ages. There is an exhibit at the end of the week.

Session 4B:  July 29 to Aug 2 - Violin Ensemble for Ages 10-16

For students with at least one year of lessons on the violin, this group experience offers an opportunity to perform with others, advance their skills, and have fun.  One-on-one help and fun group activities.  Students should bring their violin and the most recent music that they have worked on.  There will be a performance at the end of the week.

Session 5: Aug 5 to 9 - Kids Musical Theater for Ages 5-16

Participants will have fun working on sets and costumes, learning their parts, acting, singing, and participating in other music activities and acting games designed to make them more comfortable and confident on stage. Appropriate for all skill levels; we will be separating into age-appropriate groups.  There will be a performance at the end of the week.

Session 6A: Aug 12-16 - Seven Continents of Art and Music for Ages 5-12

Learn about the cultures of the world through arts and crafts, music, drumming, and song.  Diverse art projects will include weaving, sewing, sculpture, painting, drawing, and more.  Music activities include drumming, pitch recognition, music history, and appreciation of music and unique instruments from different parts of the world.  Appropriate for all skill levels.  We will be separating into age-appropriate groups and there will be an exhibit and a performance at the end of the week. 

Session 6B:  August 12-16 - Listening and Being Heard:  Voicing Your Opinion with Dignity and Grace for Ages 10-16

Students will learn to write persuasively, support their opinions with documentation and facts, and listen and respond thoughtfully to the opinions of others. We will be covering many aspects of writing including organization, vocabulary, citation to evidence and documents, introduction and conclusion, anticipating counter-arguments, grammar and proof-reading.  Short projects and interactive games to help students succinctly and effectively express their thoughts.   Debate and speaking skills will also be practiced and discussed.

Session 7:  Aug 19-23 - Music, Instrument (Piano or Guitar or Violin), and Art for Ages 5-16

For students seeking to advance on their instruments or learn a new instrument, this camp is for you.  Each participant will receive one-on-one instruction as part of the camp day so that they are advancing at their own individual levels.  Plenty of additional music and art activities will be done as a group.  All skill levels; more experienced students work on song-writing, music theory, and playing together as a group.  Art activities include painting, drawing, sculpture, and more.  We will be separating into groups delineated by the age of the participants.  Guitar or violin students, please bring your own guitar or violin.  We will have a performance and an art exhibit at the end of the week.

Session 8A: Aug 26-30 - Jungle Adventures Drumming, Music and Art for Ages 5-9

A fun, jungle-themed week filled with singing, drumming, art, acting, and adventure.  Children will learn basic music concepts which will prepare them to play any instrument.  Explore a variety of drums and rhythm insruments from around the world, act out a short play, and enjoy a myriad of art activities related to our jungle theme.  There is a performance at the end of the week.

8B: Aug 26-30 - Studio Art for Ages 10-16

This week is for all levels of students that would like to delve deeply into drawing, painting, and other fine arts techniques.  The primary focus will be on practicing and developing drawing and painting skills, such as planning an effective composition, proportion, and showing three dimension and texture through tonal shading.  After lessons in black and white, we move into color theory, mixing and use of color, and studying famous painters and learning from their work.  We will be using of a variety of materials including charcoal, pen and ink, pastels, watercolor, and acrylic on canvas.


The weekly fee for each session (9:00 am to 2:00 pm) is $195.00. Early-bird and registered Renaissance Kids’ students discounts are available; please refer to the registration form. Registrations may be mailed to us, delivered in person (please call ahead), or transacted over the telephone. You may also be invoiced and pay online by emailing your registration form to  NO REFUNDS AFTER 5/31/19.  REFUNDS BEFORE 5/31/19 OR WEEK CHANGES WILL INCUR A $25.00 SERVICE CHARGE.  THANK YOU!

Renaissance Kids Inc. BBB Business Review

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